Our services

Our mission necessarily implies flexible thinking and bespoke solutions. We therefore avoid shrink-wrapped “solutions” that may not fit your vision, strategy or needs. The list of typical deliverables shown below is therefore intended as an indication only of our offer. The list is shown under broad subject headings but the subjects are intrinsically linked and could rarely add value if done in isolation.


Risk Framework Development
Equipment and Spares Criticality Analyses

Engineering Information Management

Engineering Information Governance
Engineering Information Specification development
Project Information Management
Data Model development
Data Standard development
Gap Assessment against Data Standards
Information Flow Integration and optimisation
Regulatory compliance requirement analysis
Application-to-requirements mapping

Reliability Engineering

Maintenance Strategy Development
Maintenance Program Development and Review
Preparation of data load files
Specification and execution of PdM programs
Development of integrated KPI sets and supporting data
Root Cause Failure Analysis
Spares Analysis and Optimisation
Business Process Development/Review/Analysis

Training and Coaching

On all these subjects

Additional Capability (Through our partners)

Project Management Office
Data Transformation
Software implementation and upgrades
Tribology and Lubrication Engineering