What’s in a name – how we selected Axioma

Posted by Jacques Tredoux | Uncategorized | Thursday 21 October 2010 10:37 pm


Something worthy, an established rule or principle or a self-evident truth (from Latin Axioma)   – Merriam Webster


An indemonstrable first principle, rule, or maxim, that has found general acceptance or is thought worthy of common acceptance whether by virtue of a claim to intrinsic merit or on the basis of an appeal to self-evidence.    –  Encyclopædia Britannica


True in such an obvious way that you do not need to prove it.    – Oxford dictionary

These quotations provide the basis of our entire philosophy :

  1. No gimmicks or first-offs with your assets.
  2. Just solid, proven basic principles, executed correctly and completely, from strategy into deep detail.
  3. Just solid value to your business.

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