What people say

A selection of quotations from the people we have worked with:

“I am continually impressed with Emile’s drive for a thorough, high quality outcome for the business.   In essence it is his ability to engage others that is his most valuable talent.  Yes, he is very knowledgeable about maintenance and operations, commissioning, etc.  Many people have those skills.  But, the ability to take his ideas and involve others into moulding the appropriate level approach and solution will ultimately generate huge gains for the company.”

“As in any great work, the fact that the process almost went seamless is in indication of the solid preparation and planning.  It was you that brought this all together and should be recognized by all as a great accomplishment.”

“To take up the poison chalice of data standardisation and get consensus from the community has been an exceptional achievement.”

“I really appreciate Emile’s intensity around delivery and management of his projects.”

“Your drive and passion for this has been key to delivery and it has rubbed off on a lot of us who worked with you on this task.”

“Emile’s very high personal values and ethical standards very soon reflected in how serious he felt about his duty to protect personnel, the environment and the company from harm or loss.  To this end he was prepared to defend his opinion and conclusions to any level of management in an assertive and professional manner.”

“After seeing Emile present at PPDM’s 2010 Fall AGM on Facilities and data Management, I believed that he could help bridge the gap between my background (conventional oil&gas IT) and our Facilities/Construction (or as Emile likes to call it; EPC) group. I brought Emile in on a tightly time-bounded project to do just that. There is nothing like being proven right, even beyond my expectations! Even constrained by the tight time and large task, Emile provided critical insight into what our business partners needed (after appropriate interviews). The requirements he provided me help lay the groundwork for our roadmap. I recommend Emile wholeheartedly.”